Crazy shoes - Fashion and Beauty

I do not know how you’d react to a pair of Louboutin, but I’m absolutely mad for them!  The shoes are like chocolate: they are part of the pleasures of life that make us feel guilty ... but it is perhaps precisely for this reason that we love them so much.

I believe there are few women, regardless of age, who are able to withstand 12 cm heels, even if you practically can’t walk in them.

Be honest, girls.  When you go to a shoe shop and look at the window, isn’t it rare that you don’t see at least one pair that tempts you?  You always promise yourself that you’re only looking, but you still end up trying them on and, whatever the price, you struggle to resist the temptation to buy.

Yet we know that we already have more shoes than we need.  What’s more, we’re overdrawn at the bank again and our husband or mother will say "not another pair!"

But one thing is for sure, buying shoes is one of the pleasures of life, perhaps even more than wearing them!

The style of the shoes you wear reveals your personality and your mood.  Colour and heel height somehow reflect our desire to feel feminine.   Isn’t it strange that, the higher the heel and the more difficult it is to walk in them, the more feminine shoes make you feel?

I can still remember how, when I was little and my mother bought me shoes, I used to sleep with them next to me, all neat and tidy in their box.  Even then, I was hooked on the magical allure of gorgeous shoes!