Modern hair technology – micro ring hair extensions

Hair extensions are one of the most popular trends in current fashion, allowing women to easily add length and volume to the hair, whether it be just temporarily for a night out or more permanently to maintain a certain look. More permanent hair extensions cannot just clip in and be taken out whenever they are no longer wanted, but their stronger attachment also means that they can be better layered into your natural hair giving a far sleeker look to the finished style. These types of hair extension are achieved using the modern technology of hair salons, micro loops, micro ringlets and micro ring hair extensions. 

Many high end and celebrity hair salons specialise in just using micro ring hair extensions and the finest quality human hair extensions to ensure that their clients receive the best possible finish and look to their hair. One such salon is Tatiana Hair Extensions in London and Manchester, which has taken things a step further and pioneered micro ringlets, even smaller, stronger and more comfortable alternatives to traditional micro ring hair extensions. Standard micro ring hair extensions use very small copper rings to discreetly clamp the hair extensions into your natural hair, intertwining the two to give the most natural look. As these rings are small but strong, the hair never slips, but is still highly comfortable for everyday use.

Micro ring hair extension have the deserved reputation of being the safest choice on the market, no glue, chemicals or other attaching agents are required to fix the hair extensions in place; these chemicals can damage your natural hair and irritate your scalp. Although these hair extensions may seem like more permanent solutions, they are also cost-effective as they can be re-used after a few months of natural hair growth, just needing to be re-attached to your natural hair and re-styled. Silicon micro ring hair extensions are available as alternative to the the usual copper rings and are stronger and tougher too, lasting for longer.

Tatiana Hair Extensions also offer their own invention, micro ringlets. These mini versions of micro ring hair extensions are not only more discreet, smaller, lighter and more comfortable than their larger predecessors, but they allow for a greater diversity of hair styles. For instance, these micro ringlets can be used on shorter, finer hair and can be attached much closer to the top of the head, allowing for new types of more natural hair extension, like fringe hair extension and extensions to give more volume to hair, not just length. Micro ringlets and micro ring hair extensions are a new breed of hair extension, one that will transform your hair forever!